• Area Velocity Sensors

Area Velocity Sensors

Area velocity flow meters are ideal for measuring flow in partially filled pipes and irrigation channels.

An Area-Velocity Flow Meter continuously measures both Level and Velocity to calculate flow volume in an open channel or pipe.  The ultrasonic sensor is installed at the bottom of a pipe or channel.  Ultrasonic energy is continuously transmitted under water into the flow stream. The sound waves are reflected from tiny solid matter or air bubbles in the flow stream which changes the frequency of the transmitted frequency proportional to the liquid velocity. The transmitted frequency is compared to particle return frequency to calculate the velocity of the moving liquid. Thousands of velocity return signals are collected and averaged to produce representative average velocity. The AV sensor is designed to work with Smart Storms area velocity meters, either the USI or USM but can be used with other instruments.

Robust Dual Wave Doppler sensor 2 15ft (5m) Depth 3 0 – 10 m/s Velocity High Resolution Low Profile
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Underground Water
  • Irrigation
  • Aquaculture
  • Rivers, reservoirs and estuaries
  • Non-contact measurement

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