• Digison Ultrasonic Sensors

Digison Ultrasonic Sensors

The Digison range of intelligent ultrasonic sensors manufactured by Smart Storm range from high accuracy, high resolution devices for precision flow measurement, to robust high power devices for liquid and solid level measurement.

Flow monitoring

Open channel flow monitoring

Combined with our ultrasonic sensor technology and weir and flumes, 

we offer accurate and reliable open channel flow monitoring

  • High Accuracy
  • Intelligence Built In
  • IP68 Rating/NEMA 6P
  • 3m-20m Range
  • Integral Temperature Compensation
  • Narrow Beam Angle
  • Encapsulated Sensor
  • Unique Radial Ultrasonic Crystal
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

  • Level and open channel flow measurement
  • Distance measurement
  • Solids and liquids measurement
  • Slurry measurement
  • Position measurement
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Chemical, food, mining, pharmaceutical and many more industries

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