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Singlejet Water Meters

EW110 Series
Singlejet Water Meters
DN15...40 for cold and warm drinking water applications
Model : EW110,

Flow Sensor
The singlejet technology of the flow sensor combines high
measuring accuracy with long term stability. The impeller is connected to the counter by a magnetic coupling. The
coupling is shielded against external magnetic force to
prevent tampering.
The flow sensor has a sieve on the inlet to stop particles from
entering the measuring chamber.
EW110 Series water meters can be retrofitted with clip on
communication modules for remote readout applications. One module is required per meter and only one module can be mounted onto a meter. It is not possible to use multiple modules at the same time with the same meter.
Modules are clipped onto meters in the field and can be
fitted at any time, also when the meters are already
operating. All modules are supplied ready to use. However, programming is required in case default values should be changed.
The following clip on modules are available in two sizes for

DN15/20 and for DN25/32/40.


• Fully resistant to external magnetic fields
• Retrofittable modules for wired M-Bus / pulse out/ RF communication

Honeywell Home EW110 Series singlejet dry water meter are
used for volume measurement of cold or warm water in
residential drinking water systems.
They are available in sizes DN15 to DN40and have a
mechanical counter.
They can be retrofitted with clip on M-Bus or pulse out
modules for integration into remote readout networks.
Common sizes are available with factory installed and
configured M-Bus module.
EW1100 water meters are suitable for cold water up to 30 °C
or 50 °C.
EW1101 water meters are suitable for warm water up to 90
°C or 130 °C.
Sizes DN15 to DN20 are available with standard or extended
flow range similar to former EEC classes B and C. Larger
sizes have extended flow range only, similar to class C.