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  • Woltman Bulk Water Meters  Water Metering
  • Woltman Bulk Water Meters  Water Metering

Woltman Bulk Water Meters Water Metering

Honeywell EW171 Water Metering
Model : EW171 冷熱水系列 ,

The counter contains a five-digit roller counter for values of
whole m3 and dials for tenth, hundredth and thousandth
parts of m3. It is flanged to the flow sensor housing.
Displayed value is cumulative (total) flow through the meter.
• Six-digit roller counter with three dials for decimal
• Marked with Honeywell Home logo, Honeywell Home
OS-Number, approval number and key technical data
according to requirements of MID
• Set into black plastic collar with lid
Flow Sensor
The Woltman technology of the flow sensor combines high
measuring accuracy with long term stability and the
capability of measuring high volumes at low pressure drop. The Woltman wheel is connected to the counter by a shaft and a magnetic coupling.

EW171 Series bulk water meters have MID approval under

approval number SK08NI001_SMU002 (for cold water) and SK10-MI001_SMU013 (for warm water).

• Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
• Low pressure loss
• Rugged design for longterm accuracy
• Retrofittable clip-on modules for remote readout

Honeywell Home EW171 Series Woltan water meters are
used for volume measurement of col or warm water in
potable water networks. They are available for cold water up to 30°C (EW1710) or for warm water up to 130°C (EW1711).
They have a mechanical counter with rollers and dials and
can be equipped with clip-on modules for remote readout applications. Clip-on modules are available for wired M-Bus, and pulse out. The clip-on modules are retrofittable.